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The Lariscy Conversations

Oct 26, 2020

*Please note* I'm going to take a break. I screwed up a podcast last week and I need a few months to get over it. I'll be back in January with season 2.

This is part two of my conversation with Jack Alberson. We talk about webzines, his prior bands, the cover he did of a Jesus Jones song, his current and upcoming...

Oct 20, 2020

I talk with musician Jack Alberson about his music, his podcast, his bands, being independent vs. being on a label and some of his favorite musicians such as:

Alan Sparhawk/Low
The Police
Duran Duran (I kinda hijacked the conversation and didn't mean to.)
Depeche Mode
Crowded House
Wax Trax Records
Front 242

Sep 28, 2020

Sorry I missed last week and sorry it took me so long to publish the remainder of the Zoom Party episodes. I'm going to try to finish them tonight. I'm at least gonna get this one out!

In this episode, we talk about Rifftracks and Avatar.

Here are the participants' links:

Conversation with Bethany Kesler

Sep 14, 2020

Hi! Instead of an audio podcast, I did a video podcast. The sound is not great; I apologize. There were storms that night.

Sep 8, 2020

Gail talks about her novels, the different genres she writes in, going to conventions, the paranormal, her dogs and much more.

You can hear me say something that sounds incredibly silly near the beginning, but I didn't mean for it to sound that way. I meant for it to be matter-of-fact.

Gail Z. Martin Website