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The Lariscy Conversations

Aug 24, 2020

I had this all typed out and then I accidentally closed out the web page.

In this episode, I talk with Meaghan Good, creator and maintainer of the missing person database The Charley Project. We also discuss other social issues.

The Charley Project

Nice Vice article

Music: Ice Flow by Kevin MacLeod

Jul 25, 2020

Sorry this is a week late! I've been dealing with stuff.

Anyhoos, you're gonna get two episodes for the price of one anyway! This is part one of my conversation with Leo Allen & Sy Bernot. I'll publish the second part after this.

We talk about politics, the C Virus, dogs (my dogs bark a lot) and some other topics.


Jun 14, 2020

I talk with comic book writer and editor Brian Hawkins about a subject that I can't possibly talk about myself: what it's like to be a non-white person in the United States. Brian talks about his personal experiences and what he hopes for he future of race relations. We also talk about COVID.

I'm going to release the...