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The Lariscy Conversations

Apr 25, 2020

Jennice just recently moved to California. She barely had time to go to Disney World and hit a few mountains before the state shut down. However, she is an essential health worker. I talk to her about California and working during a pandemic. We also slip into our default subject, TV.

We discuss:

Worklife during a pandemic
California Life
Valley Girl
Happy Death Day
Umbrella Academy
Locke & Key
October Faction
Miracle Workers
Avenue 5 (A little spoiler about Hugh Laurie's character)
Blackadder/A Bit of Fry & Laurie/The Comic Strip/The Young Ones/Jeeves and Wooster/The Night Manager
War of the Worlds (Small spoiler about babies) Falling Skies (Small spoiler about children) Star Trek (Borg spoiler about babies)
Star Trek Picard, Voyager, Enterprise (Enterprise spoiler about the last episode)
Schitt's Creek
Roswell, NM
Code 8
California life (Part Two)
Beyond meat/Food
Bad weather

Music: Ice Flow by Kevin MacLeod